His canvases convey metaphors of age and transition by sampling
the picturesque and the folkloric.
Egberto Almenas Ph.D. More

At an age when most common folks have settled in with the unanswerable questions about our human fate, Oscar Luis Martínez renews the probe with a livelier volubility. What do we make out of the dreams that emerge from the abyssal depths of our minds? How can we entrust ourselves at decoding the resurgent mysteries with which our ever elusive reality assaults us? Egberto Almenas Ph.D. More

There is no hiding that the vibrancy of Martinez’ colors and wanderlust
Virgil Tavas More

"I’ve always been fascinated by man’s ability to believe in things unseen
-such as the soul, God and heaven.
Marcia E. Gawecki More

The dreamlike quality in all of Martínez' paintings allows both painter and
audience to enter into this sacred realm and explore the offerings our psyches
so richly accumulate.
Ilana Vardy More