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A Latin American Art Exhibition
Sponsor by Bank One
Organized by the Latin American Museum of Art
Bank One headquaters
Bank One Pilsen Branch
September 20, to October 19, 2002


Artist and Bank One staff present at the Bank One's Pilsen reception




Images and Reflections; An Exhibition of Cuban Art
Featuring works by:
Humberto Calzada, Eladio Gonzalez, Ricardo Diaz, Paul Sierra,
Baruj Salinas, Rafael Soriano and Michele Tuohey
Raquel Yossiffon, Art Lecturer
At the Illinois State Fair
Artisan’s Building
Springfield, Illinois
Saturday, August 12, 2000

Artwork by Paul Sierra and Baruj Salinas


Symbols, Myth and Metaphors
The exhibit will present the work of local Latino artists and will examine the process artists use to arrive at their final artwork.
In addition, the exhibition will examine issues related to identity, myth, culture, spirituality, social, political concerns.

Featuring works by:

Montserat Alsina, Javier Chavira, Jorge Felix, Alfredo Martinez,
Sergio Gomez, Alberot Gonzalez, Eladio Gonzalez, Raul Ortiz, Paul Sierra, Michele Tuohey, Santiago Vaca

At Columbia College A+D Gallery

January 24-March 8, 2004






A Puerto Rican Artist Exhibition
We collaborated with Casa Central in Humbolt Park in sponsoring the Annual Puerto Rican Exhibition that included the works of Sonia Baez, Lisandra Cruz, Jorge Felix, Raul Ortiz, Jose Alicea, and Martin Soto. The exhibition was shown at Casa Central’s Bitia Alfonso Auditorium located at 1335 North California Avenue in Chicago. This exhibition reached the elderly population and youth.

Artwork by Jose Alicea


Latin American Art Exhibition at the University of Illinois at Champagin Urbana, Casa Cultural Latina
We presented the artwork of Mario Castillo, Raul Ortiz. Jorge Felix, Michele Tuohey, and Eladio Gonzalez.

Artwork by Raul Ortiz and Mario Castillo


Children's Art Coloring Book
The LAMA commissioned Latino artists to create drawings of reproductions of their artwork for a children’s coloring book that will be distributed to local schools. The goal is to expose children to Latino artists and their works. The artists included are Marcos Raya, Mario Castillo, Eladio Gonzalez, Raul Ortiz and others.

Artwork by Maria Enriquez de Allen


The Fantastic Color Exhibitions
A Series of exhibitions that included Arnaldo Roche, Eladio Gonzalez, Marcos Raya, Nereida Garcia, Alejandro Romero, Maria Martinez Cana, Bibiana Suarez, Paul Sierra and other artists.


Chicago Latino Artists in Mexico
An exhibition of Chicago Latino artists in Mexico City's Museum of Mexican History.